HughesNet Voice: Home Phone Service & VOIP Provider

HughesNet, the most recognizable name in the satellite Internet industry, is renowned for delivering high quality service and being at the forefront of technology in satellite communications. The company that first introduced satellite Internet service to the United States is now offering something new. Its latest service - HughesNet Voice - is a high quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system that is available exclusively to HughesNet satellite Internet users for their home phone use.

Unlimited Phone Calls with HughesNet Voice

Not All VoIP Service Providers are Equal

VoIP is technology that uses Internet connections to route phone calls, bypassing landlines - the traditional medium of telephones. With VoIP for satellite Internet, calls are routed through the modem to the satellite and back again. VoIP services have grown tremendously in recent years, as consumers seek new ways to save money.

When it comes to using VoIP service, satellite Internet users find that quality varies, and that when using third-party providers the service eats into their monthly data limit. However, HughesNet Voice has been created specifically for the HughesNet satellite Internet network, so that they work perfectly together. Better clarity of sound and better quality service result when the VoIP system is made for the satellite Internet service. When using HughesNet Voice, home phone service will not impact the monthly data plan and subscribers can use the Internet while on the phone. Find internet service in Tennessee at, a website dedicated to showing all the broadband service providers in an area.

HughesNet Voice Makes VOIP Easy

With VoIP from HughesNet, subscribers can get their home phone service up and running in no time. When the shipment arrives, easily set up and activate the service using the self-install kit that includes simple instructions. The analog telephone adapter that is installed between the modem and the dish will ensure that calls are routed via a home computer to the phones that are connected to it. Any type of telephone is compatible with HughesNet Voice, even cordless phones.

The big advantage of VoIP services is the low cost. It provides an enticing alternative to costly traditional phone service and long distance charges. HughesNet Voice lets subscribers start their new home phone service for as little as $19.95 for the first 3 months with unlimited phone calls locally, throughout the nation and to Canada. Additional International calling plans can be added for other countries.

HughesNet Home Telephone Service Features

Some of the premium features that are standard with the HughesNet Voice service include all those that users have come to expect from their home phone service. These include, but are not limited to, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and enhanced voicemail. The voicemail system itself offers text and email alerts and remote access, so users never have to miss an important message. In addition, HughesNet Voice allows subscribers to choose a new phone number or keep their existing one.

The nation's largest provider of satellite Internet service once again offers a service that brings exciting options to those in rural areas. HughesNet Voice is the low-cost, high-quality home phone service that is made to work with satellite connections, and is brought to you by the company that has been in satellite communications longer than any other.

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HughesNet's Voice home phone service is available in all 50 US States and Canada!

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